$1 Hubble lenses causes wearer’s issues

Instagram-famous $1 Hubble contact lenses have left customers in excruciating pain

You may have seen the ads splashed all over Instagram and Facebook for unthinkably cheap contact lens.


‘Stop overpaying for contact lenses. Get 30 contacts delivered to your door for ONLY $1’ reads the offer for subscription contact lenses made by start-up company Hubble.


But several customers say wearing the lenses have left them in excruciating pain, inflamed and they have even developed ulcers, – and The New York Times reports that Hubble has used a loophole from the Federal Trade Commission to avoid regulation and bypass doctors.


Ophthalmologists and optometrists say they’ve seen several patients with eye problems after using Hubble and have criticized the company for switching people from their prescribed lenses to a completely different brand.


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