1. Contact Lens

How old do i have to be to wear contact lenses ?

The average age people usually get contact lenses is 13, but it has been shown that some younger children are responsible enough to wear and maintain contact lenses. Successful lens wear depends more on responsibility and attitude than age. We recommend you contact your Eyedealogist to determine if your child is a good candidate for contact lenses.

Why do i need a prescription for contact lens ?

Contact lenses are a medical device, which is why you need a prescription. Only an Eyedealogist can properly measure your need for vision correction as well as determine which size and type of contact lens is best for you. Plus, changes that can occur to your vision and eye health over time can only be detected with specialised equipment and procedures.

Is my contact lens prescription different to my eyeglass presciption ?

Yes. A prescription for contact lenses requires different information than a prescription for eyeglasses. Along with the level of vision correction, a contact lens prescription will include the base curve which is used to fit the curvature of the lens to your eye and the diameter which is used to fit the width of the lens to your eye. Schedule an eye exam with your Eyedealogist to assess your eye health and current contact lens prescription.

How do i get my contact lens prescription

Start by scheduling a contact lens appointment with an Eyedealogist. As your first contact lens fitting takes a little longer than a regular eye exam, be sure to inform that you want a contact lens fitting.

Do contact lens expire ?

Yes, contact lenses do expire, and it is strictly not advised to wear them after the expiration date. You may refer to the ‘Use-by-Date’ on the lens package, which indicates the date after which the lenses are not to be used.

What does base curve and diameter mean in contact lens technical specifications ?

The base curve is the back curvature of a contact lens. It’s used to determine the curvature of the lens to your eye to provide the best fit and comfort. The lower the number, the steeper the curve of the lens.

Diameter is the distance across the surface of your lens, from edge to edge. Your Eyedealogist will determine the correct diameter for you during your exam.

Difference between daily disposable and bi-weekly/monthly

Daily Disposable contact lenses are used for one day, then thrown away. They typically don’t involve the use of lens solutions and contact lens cases. You may want to consider daily lenses for travelling or if you simply want a more hygienic and hassle-free option.

Bi-weekly or Monthly Reusable lenses (depending on the brand of lenses) are reused for two weeks/1 month and require cleaning and disinfection every day. Some lenses are approved for even longer wearing periods. However, a shorter wear cycle and more frequent use of fresh lenses, is more comfortable.

Can i wear contact lens after i had lasik or other refractive surgery?

This depends on the recommendation of your Eyedealogist. LASIK surgery permanently alters the shape of your eye, but doesn’t prevent the development of presbyopia, so you’ll still need vision correction at some point.

Do my eyes need to rest from contact lens to breathe ?

Generally, no. Unless your Eyedealogist has instructed you otherwise, you can safely wear your lenses every day.

Do my eyes need to rest from contact lens to breathe ?

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2. Product related queries

Are my lenses authentics ?

Yes, most definitely. We only sell authentic lenses which come direct from suppliers.

What payment modes do you accept ?

We currently accept only accept Payments via Credit/Debit Card and PayPal only.


If you wish to pay by other methods, do contact us directly.

when will my lenses expire ?

Please refer to the Expiry Date stated on the box packaging.

3. Order Related queries

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes we do. However, Free Shipping is only within Singapore for a minimum 4 box purchase.

Postage costs will apply for any orders outside of Singapore.

When will my lenses arrive ?

We use various reliable couriers, such as – SingPost, HongKong Post, Taiwan Post. All come with tracking information.


We will provide a tracking number once your order has been shipped out and you will be able to track your order. Typically takes 5-10 business days for you to receive your lenses after placing the order.

Is there a store i can pick up my lenses from?

Pickup service is not available.


Do note that Free Shipping within Singapore is subjected to a minimum purchase of 4 boxes – else there is a $15 shipping charge.

Eyedealogy offers FREE SHIPPING WITHIN SINGAPORE with a minimum 4 box purchase.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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